A Systematic Case Study Research Project An examination of the effectiveness of Contemporary Psychotherapy interventions in the treatment of anxiety in The Letchworth Centre Psychotherapy Service. Is there a difference which makes a difference?


1. Introduction

This paper presents the findings of a systematic case study research project in support of UKCP Registration with the BeeLeaf Institute.

The study was conducted between March and June 2011 at the Letchworth Centre Counselling Service, (LCCS), (www.letworthcentre.com/), a private agency providing psychotherapeutic support to self and NHS referred clients. Within the service an Anxiety Clinic has been established to treat the full range of anxiety presentations using a Contemporary Psychotherapy approach.

Bateson identified information as ‘the difference which makes a difference’ in human development, (Bateson, 1972/2000 p459). The research question developed from a curiosity regarding whether or not there is a ‘difference which makes a difference’ in the treatment of anxiety in the LCCS Anxiety Clinic; whether there is one particular intervention that every client responds to in a significant and measurable way.