Those Members of BeeLeaf who have completed the BeeLeaf training pathway to Advanced Diploma are eligible for UKCP Accreditation, upon completing the Registration process and evidencing:

  • A total of 450 hours of Supervised Clinical Practice. You are required to have one hour of Clinical Supervision with a Clinical Supervisor for every 6 hours of Clinical Practice with clients. (Clinical Supervisor fee not included in course fee).
  • 100 hours of mental health familiarisation, either within clinical practice or other mental health role.
  • Personal Therapy. You are required to have 48 hours of one-to-one personal therapy with a Psychotherapist or Counsellor who is UKCP Accredited (or equivalent) over the 4 year training period, plus 40 hours of one-to-one or group therapy. This is not included in the course fee.
  • Full details for joining the UKCP as a Full Clinical Member can be found on their UKCP website here.

Those participants who have joined the BeeLeaf Advanced Diploma having gained their previous qualification with another training provider, may be eligible for UKCP Accreditation depending on Accredited Prior Learning, Clinical Practice, Supervision and Personal Therapy.