The last two decades have seen accelerated progress in our understanding of gender and sexual diversities. Individuals, families and communities are making use of therapeutic space as never before in navigating their challenges around these developments. The responsibility to educate ourselves in these areas is widely identified as a necessary commitment if we wish to professionally support human beings actualise their full potential for health and harmony.

Greater visibility of diversity and protection of human rights have challenged some psychological schools to their core. Defensiveness towards these new and more informed paradigms is very human but painful to sustain for both clients and practitioners. Working confidently with the person who identifies and experiences themselves across different spectra of gender and sexuality generates new questions, dilemmas and responsibilities. The rewards are liberating for our clients, and for us as professionals, when we embrace these challenges.

Appropriate training and personal development in these areas is now requisite for pre-registration training and as CPD for those who qualified before better knowledge and understanding of diversities were widely available.
Pamela Gawler-Wright, BeeLeaf Director

BeeLeaf Gender and Sexual Diversities Series: PART ONE Working Confidently with Gender and Sexual Diversities Begins 17th February 2018.