The skills and principles of contemporary psychotherapy course was a life changing experience. I learnt skills and knowledge that I will take into my worldly life as an HR professional and in my personal life to build and enhance my relationships. The Course also allowed for significant personal growth and insight which will stay with me for the rest of my life. The BeeLeaf Community is like a very safe and welcoming family which I feel honoured to be a part of.  I couldn’t recommend the course enough – even if you don’t want to continue to study to become a Psychotherapist.

The skills you learn are transferrable to all areas of life. The teaching is first class.  Pam’s teaching style is very engaging and the experiential and practical learning compliments the theoretical aspects of the course. Bev Wilson

I learnt so much from BeeLeaf – things that I probably would not have learnt on another psychotherapy training course. Individuals on the course are given lots of empathetic attention in a safe group setting. The training caters for all learning styles consistently.  Without wanting to sound cheesy there are a lot of special moments along the way. It is an exciting, invigorating and revitalising learning experience.  I feel lucky to have found BeeLeaf and privileged to have experienced such expertise. I have had a lot of individual growth as well as extending my knowledge. Stephanie Goldsmith

I have had a great experience at BeeLeaf. I have learnt so much about myself, how I think, feel and make sense of my world. This has been a real opportunity to develop new skills, knowledge and experience that I think will be invaluable in my future practice. At the end of the year I feel I’m now looking out through a new window in my life.
James Bromfield

My time on the skills and principles course has been incredibly rewarding.  I have learnt a wide range of skills that I am excited to take forward as I continue to train. Studying with BeeLeaf has been hugely enjoyable, the teachers are endlessly supportive, and the group has quickly become like family.  This has helped my overcome my fears about returning to studying and made me excited about my future career. Claire Smith

The first year of training is like magic.  Something happens to you and those around you, but you can’t exactly say what it is or how it happened! Be prepared to look within yourself and be prepared to be amazed by what you find. Thank you for the most incredible experience.  I can’t wait to find out what happens next…..
Rebecca Melmoth

I have never experienced any other institution that offers such a creative, open, explorative way of learning. The course allows you to draw on your own strengths and interests and experiment with a very broad range of theories and models.The Tutors encourage you in following your own unique journey, rather than attempting to fit you to a static template.  I found them open and supportive.

The three words I would use to sum up the course are:

Exciting – Explorative – & Optimistic.  Alex Brooks

What an amazing first year!

The Team at BeeLeaf have provided a nurturing and supportive environment, but also provided space for real experiential learning to take place, which have been both valuable to me as a trainee psychotherapist and as a human being. Learning in this way, has expanded and developed at a pace that has enabled integration at all levels. Tara Webb

I love learning at the BeeLeaf Institute. The richness of the curriculum, deep experience of the Trainers, atmosphere of safety and respect, opportunity to apply the learnings all make for a fantastic journey of both self discovery and professional development.’ Valentina Recla

‘This has been a really valuable training…as always with BeeLeaf; high quality training delivered with grace and style.’ Jeni Edge, Trainee Psychotherapist

‘As with all of BeeLeaf courses, the level of detail, integrity and experience shines through. I don’t know if there is a better grounding for personal and/or professional development.’ Joy Donnell, managing Director

‘The BeeLeaf course was excellent! I learnt things I could use in my practice straight away and gained in confidence.’  Wendy Mayne, Counsellor

‘This was my first experience of BeeLeaf and I was very impressed with th eknowledge, professionalism and genuine enthusiasm of the Trainers. There was a good balance between learning and practising what you had learnt.’ Steve Neesam, Hypno-Psychotherapist

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my training at BeeLeaf, in all respects. The structure, teaching and the great people I met and studied with along the way; not forgetting wonderful dog Dibley.’ L.Georgiou Counsellor

A truly fantastic and professional introduction to the world of Contemporary Psychotherapy. This course is well balanced with integrative activities and comprehensive manuals. It is conducted with honour for individuals and the collective.’ Helen Wilson, Kinesiologist

‘This training is fantastic & strongly recommended.’ Michael Sweetland, Counsellor/Coach

‘This course was truly amazing! It has given me the confidence and tools to become a competent psychotherapist. I highly recommend this training – totally empowering!’ Gemma Keeley, Paliative Care Practitioner

‘If you’re looking for a course that fulfils the promises it says it will deliver, look no further.’ Eliot Rose, Mental Health Worker

‘A quality course in the heart of the East End of London! Real respect for individual learning styles and delivered with a passion.’ Karen Head, Counsellor

‘Really timely course for me. When the student is ready the teacher appears. I really appreciated the humanity of the Trainers and the wisdom and timely interventions of Tutors.’ Donnamarie Sharpe, Director – Mental Health Project

‘This course is refreshing, lively and challenging.’ Philomena Ovendon, Counsellor

‘A profound and inspiring approach to addictions. Expertly delivered. A good combination of experiential and information sessions. Stephen Blunden CEO

‘This is a course about transformation that is quite transformative. It would be hard to imagine more learning, insight and direct experience gained on any other sequential 5 days of training.’ Michael Appleton, Trauma Counsellor

‘If you want to get grass roots understanding of addictive process – this is the course to attend – informative, experiential and rich in content.’ Henrietta Laitt, Psychotherapist

‘Clearly developed and expanded over years of training, the training is sensitively delivered and rewards participants with the multi-levelled learning typical of BeeLeaf Training.  As usual, the manual is a training course in itself. BeeLeaf Training.  As usual, the manual is a training course in itself.Thank you.’ David Taylor, Psychotherapist

‘Anyone who feels learning, growing and developing are about taking care and paying attention should contact BeeLeaf – for care and attention!’ Sheena Boyd, Day Services Manager, Hospice