This page should be read in conjunction with the APL policy here.

Accredited Prior Learning (APL) means that your existing evidenced achievement with other training providers has been accepted by Beeleaf in lieu of some BeeLeaf units that comprise a larger award, such as the BeeLeaf Diploma and Advanced Diploma. It does not mean that BeeLeaf will provide the candidate with certificates that declare they have participated on the units for which they have been given exemption.

Conditions of APL

The purpose of APL is to ensure that trainees past education and experience are awarded equivalence with comparable units in psychotherapy training. Care of clients and assessed attainment of requisite standards of knowledge and competence cannot be sacrificed to this principle.

If you have been awarded APL for a unit for which it is later revealed you do not hold sufficient knowledge retention or applied skills to practice safely and effectively, Beeleaf reserve the right to request that you attend the unit in question, in order to achieve any connected larger award such as the BeeLeaf Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

All candidates who are awarded APL are responsible for ensuring that they familiarise themselves with the BeeLeaf’s equivalent standards and protocols if you need guidance in this please contact us.

APL Appeals Process

You may appeal your award of APL only on specific grounds.

  1. You have gained possession of evidence of APL which you were not able to include in your first application.
  2. You have since your application completed new evidenced training that was not part of your original application.