Certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy – Year 1 of Diploma

New to psychotherapy training? Looking to broaden your existing skills, qualifications and professional options?  Would you like to become a Psychotherapist?


The BeeLeaf Certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy is a 20-day course (one weekend per month) and provides the FIRST STEP on the path to becoming a UKCP Registered & Accredited Psychotherapist.

This course is one unit of our Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy. It may be also be enjoyed as a standalone course.

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If you already a Mental Health Professional, Counsellor, Therapist or Coach looking for additional skills and recognised psychotherapy course you can complete the Certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy as a stand alone course or you may be able to enrol at a more advanced stage in our training programme, depending on your current qualifications. Contact us for more information.

When you have completed the Certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy you may choose to continue on your training path with BeeLeaf to become a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist and most importantly, to develop the unique Psychotherapist that only you can be.

Becoming a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

Introduction to Contemporary Psychotherapy

COURSE FEES for qualification as a Psychotherapist 2018


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If you would like any assistance call 020 8983 9699 or email info@beeleaf.com

  • Where?

    Central London E3

    Venue surrounded by coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants, canalside walks and parkland. Several public transport options and well priced accommodation available.

    5 minutes walk from Mile End Tube and free parking available on weekends

    Full details will be issued when you enrol


    20-days starting Saturday 14th April 2018

    14/15 April, 12/13 May, 9/10 June, 7/8 July, BREAK FOR AUGUST 8/9 September, 6/7 October, 3/4 November, 1/2 December, 5/6 Jan 2019, 9/10 Feb (Psychotherapy  Assessment Weekend), 9/10 March(Optional NLP Assessment Weekend).

    Each day begins with tea/coffee available from 9:30am and training starts at 10am. There are 2 short breaks and one hour lunch break. Each day ends at 5:30pm

    How Much?

    Application & Interview Fee £50 payable prior to your application being processed. This will be returned if your application is not successful.

    Standard Fee £3,200 Deposit of £600 then 10 MONTHLY INSTALMENTS OF £260.

    Discounted Fee £2,950 SAVE £250. Pay in full upon enrolment.

    Fee for Optional NLP Practitioner Assessment weekend & NLP Practitioner Certificate: £350.

    What’s Included 

    • 20 days experiential face-to-face training.
    • Award of Certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy upon successful completion of training.
    • Fully comprehensive colourful learning materials published by BeeLeaf.
    • Regular feedback.
    • Ongoing assessment & final assessments and certification.
    • Light Refreshments (lunch not included).
    • Student Membership of Community for Contemporary Psychotherapy.
    • Members only area of Website.
    • Online & face-to-face Networking.
    • Optional NLP Practitioner includes assessment over 2 days plus NLP Practitioner Certificate.

    Payment Methods

    We accept payment by Paypal, MasterCard, Visa (debit and credit cards).

    If paying the normal fee following a payment of £600 deposit, monthly instalments must be made by 10 monthly Standing Order payments.

    Payment Terms & Conditions

    Cancellation by you before course start date: Cancellations must be received in writing to info@beeleaf.com. If, after confirming your place on the training, you withdraw before the course start date BeeLeaf will retain your £600 deposit. No further fees will be due.

    Cancellation by you after course start date: You become liable for all outstanding fees should you decide to withdraw mid-course. Arrangements may be made for you to return the following year at the discretion of the Trainers and BeeLeaf.

    Cancellation by BeeLeaf: In the unlikely event of BeeLeaf  having to cancel we will offer an alternative date and venue or you may choose to receive a full refund and BeeLeaf would accept no liability for any consequential or indirect loss.

    Enrolement on the NLP Practitioner Assessment Weekend: Enrolment on the NLP Practitioner assessment weekend after the course has already started is at the discretion of BeeLeaf. An additional £350 assessment and certification fee will be charged.

    Full terms and conditions are published in the Trainee Handbook.

  • Syllabus

    • Learn how to facilitate ecological, client generated process with greater effectiveness.
    • Access natural, undiscovered creativity and problem solving patterns, yours and others.
    • Discover how we create experience of life, through editing our sensory perceptions.
    • Acquire more refined skills in outcome-oriented assessment, so presenting issues are pathways for healing.
    • Hone your senses to fine-tune your awareness of all types of communication.
    • Understand how your mind owns creates and responds to the past, present and the future, for successful growth.
    • Optimise verbal and non-verbal communication for deeper understanding.
    • Be able to establish authentic natural rapport with all kinds of people, and strengthen therapeutic alliance and appropriate boundaries.
    • Generate confidence and resourcefulness, even within challenging environments.
    • Learn how behavioural change and unconscious integration can support each other.
    • Cultivate and manage positive emotional and mental states.
    • Utilise natural altered awareness for access to greater inner resources.
    • Learn how to identify more accurately what motivates individuals, families and organisations.
    • Enjoy the art of Ericksonian Hypno-Psychotherapy.
    • Learn how to hold a person safely as they process emotionally.
    • Learn from the brilliance of yourself and others.
    • Take a step on the path to becoming an Accredited Psychotherapist.

    Teaching & Learning

    • This is a classroom based training set at high challenge level within a friendly, safe and supportive environment.
    • The training involves exercises in pairs & small groups, live practical demonstrations & theoretical input.
    • Group size is limited to 10 participants to ensure maximum support for Trainees.
    • Information rich colourful training materials published by BeeLeaf and additional digital resources are included in the course fee.


    • The assessment procedures are designed to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and skills, recognise areas of strength and achievement and receive feedback in areas where you can achieve improvement.

    Assessment is ongoing and includes:

    • Presentation of a Personal Learning Portfolio
    • Practical assessment within a group
    • Written home study assignments. We recommend you allow about 3 hours per week.

    Your Trainer may also suggest helpful tasks for you individually, to support you in fully capitalising on your talents and goals.

    To be eligible for Assessment and Certification attendance is essential for a minimum of 18 of the 20 days and attendance of the final weekend is compulsory. If you miss more than 2 days due to ill health or unforeseen circumstances arrangements can be made for you to attend the following year.

    Assessment for the NLP Practitioner Certification

    This 2-day event is an optional part of the Foundation Course for those who wish to add an NLP Practitioner Certification to their achievements. The certification is according to the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community (GTC) founded by Robert Dilts and is recognised by ANLP.

  • Successful completion of application form and interview PLUS degree or other demonstration of post-graduate ability. We operate a very active Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice Policy, so if you do not have a first degree, contact us to find out how you may be able to demonstrate eligibility through your work experience and applied skills.

    We also have many participants on this training module who have completed counselling, coaching & NLP courses with other organizations and are converting to a Psychotherapy dedicated training track with UKCP Registration in mind.

    BeeLeaf Application 2017-2018

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