Healing Codependency Part ONE


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This course is for people working / training in the caring professions including Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches, Social Workers, Nurses, Teachers and Pastoral Workers. On this 2-day course you will gain an in-depth understanding of how the independence-interdependence-codependence dynamic impacts all relationships, especially relationships of care and therapeutic alliance.

The concept of Codependency originated from observation of the rigidly destructive interactions that may occur within couples, families and organisations in response to coping with extraordinary needs. Tracking the patterns of codependent relating soon revealed that we may all have a tendency, in certain contexts or relationships, to find ourselves feeling compelled to repeat pain-preserving dynamics of caretaking, denial, obsession, defending and control.

This is an experiential training, during which you will have an opportunity to learn inside-out, from your own human needs for intimacy, belonging, meaning, freedom and security. Practical exercises will provide opportunities for trying out applications and integrating with your existing expertise.

The Trainer Pamela Gawler-Wright expands and integrates theoretical traditions, including developmental, neurological, existential and behavioural models to bring compassionate and effective interventions to facilitate the client’s self-balancing system to greater choice and integrity.

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  • This course is for people working / training in the caring professions including Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches, Social Workers, Nurses, Teachers and Pastoral Workers.

    You must complete Healing Codependency Part 1 with BeeLeaf before completingPart 2.

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Refreshing & challenging approach to working with codependency that I can use in a confident way with my clients.

Lorraine Mc Ginlay, Sex & Relationship Psychotherapist

This course was amazing! The approach, construction and delivery was unique, applicable and transformational.

Cherrelle Gayle, Business Psychologist

It is hard to say in a few words what I have gained on this training because it is so much more and on many more levels than I expected. But what I can say is that I recommend it 200% to anyone who is looking to feel inspired, motivated and energised about their therapeutic practice.

Verity Lewis, Therapeutic Coach

Pam Gawler-Wright has a fabulous style, is totally present with the group, sharing her knowledge & wisdom with great humour & energy, humility and no ego. It's a pleasure to train with her & she gently causes wonderful reflections - thank you.

Sally Vanson, Master Coach and Trainer

Left me wanting more! Simultaneously challenging and nourishing - I would make it (the course) compulsory!

Tom Corbishley, Trainee Psychotherapist

A fascinating 2-day training with a magical trainer.

Jane Cundasmy, Counsellor / Lecturer

Very engaging experiential learning. Good balance of theory input, discoveries & demonstrations.

Martina Harrison, Psychotherapist

An amazing training. I highly recommend this to others who want to learn about their own relationships and others.

Jeannie Hardy, Nurse & Trainee Psychotherapist