Clinical Essentials: Psychopathology

This psychopathology training is for Counsellors, Psychotherapists & Coaches who wish to practice psychotherapy responsibly, and with respect for the diversity of individuals who may present for treatment. This inspiring course will heighten your awareness of the mental health community and your role within it.

You can complete this course as Continuing Professional Development, and as a module of our Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy.

  • BeeLeaf House, London E3

    • Madness, Meanings and Maps – A History of Mental Health Perception.
    • Reality, Normality and Individuality – when and how does difference become difficulty?
    • Overview of various mental illnesses – mild, moderate to serious and chronic, including both psychosis and non-psychosis clusters.
    • Basic elements of psychopharmacology – drugs commonly used in treatment.
    • Knowledge of the NHS Psychiatric practice – Care Programme Approach, Clustering and the emergence of IAPT.
    • Risk assessment and management: being aware of issues such as self – harm and suicidal ideation.
    • One day on knowledge and practise in working with Personality Disorders.
    • This training is for Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches, NLP Practitioners and Trainees in these fields.
    • You will be required to view a short series of webcasts (each of between 6 and 36 minutes in length) and complete a short written activity assignment. You must attend the one 2 days of training in Central London. You will need access to a computer.

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