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This 5-day in-person training is also a Unit of the BeeLeaf Advanced Diploma

Staying in relationship with ourselves requires openness to the emotional, physical and mental tides of being human. Anxiety and depression are two labels given to the most painful human experiences. They are  interconnected both experientially and neurologically – and necessary to being and staying alive.

Anxiety and depression are often residual of trauma and nearly always present in addiction and dependency. Attending to these inner messages can transform them into teachers on our individual journey to resilience, compassion and meaningful purpose in our lives.

Over the course you will learn tried and tested approaches to wholistically activate and support recovery from life-compromising depression and anxiety. As we understand more about the human system’s ability to rebalance and self-regulate we are empowered as practitioners to be of even more help to those who seek a better quality of daily life and personal empowerment.

Where, when, how much?

Where & When

5 days 11th – 15th July 2022 (9:30am – 5:30pm)

Booking Deadline 20th June 2022 Subject to Availability of Places

This course will take place in-person at a spacious well ventilated training venue within walking distance of BeeLeaf, London E3. Nearest tube Mile End.  Full address details will be provided with booking.

How Much

BeeLeaf Members £570 Pay £150 deposit with booking. Balance of £420 due by 20th June 2022.

Standard £595 Pay £150 deposit with booking. Balance of £445 due by 20th June 2022.

Submission of an application form and /or payment does not constitute a booking. Bookings are not confirmed until we send you a confirmation of booking / enrolment.

What’s Included

  • 5 full days experiential in-person training with group size limit of 16 delegates.
  • Engaging articles and video links and practical materials to enrich your learning and confident practice.
  • Group exercises, time to ask questions, live demonstrations.
  • Fully comprehensive workbook.
  • Certificate of Attendance. Counts as 35 hours of Accredited training with a UKCP Accredited Organisation; BeeLeaf.  Minimum of 90% course attendance required.
  • Membership of the BeeLeaf Register; Community for Contemporary Psychotherapy (CCP) is NOT included
  • Drinking water is freely available however lunch and other refreshments are NOT included

Payment Methods

We accept payment of deposit online by Paypal, MasterCard, Visa (debit and credit cards) and Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account. Balance will be payable on invoice by direct bank payment.

Terms & Conditions


All cancellations must be made in writing by sending an email to or by writing to:

The Administrator
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OR Download Cancellation Form HERE.

If you cancel your place within 14 days of your enrolment being confirmed by us you will receive a full refund. Fees are not transferable.

We count the date of enrolment as being from the date we send an email to you with confirmation of booking / enrolment.

If you cancel your place more than 14 days after your enrolment being confirmed by us and before the course start date, you will receive a refund minus your deposit of £150.

If you cancel your place more than 14 days after your enrolment being confirmed by us and after the course start date no refund will be given, except when this is due to Covid-19 related circumstances. See below for details.

Cancellations by You Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You will receive a FULL refund if it becomes necessary for you to cancel ON the course start date because your attendance is prohibited due to government imposed restrictions including mandatory self-isolation.

If it becomes necessary for you to cancel DURING the course because your attendance is prohibited due to government imposed restrictions including mandatory self-isolation BeeLeaf will offer you a fair and appropriate solution. This may include (1) the option to attend the same or alternative course of the same value at a later date (2) partial refund and letter of attendance.

Cancellation by Us

We reserve the right to make changes or cancel this course where due to circumstances outside of our reasonable control (including, but not limited to, insufficient number of students enrolled for the course) it would not be possible to deliver the course to a satisfactory standard. We shall have no liability for direct or indirect losses or costs which you may incur due to such changes or cancellation. In these circumstances we will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible of such changes and you will be offered a full refund, or you may choose to accept an alternative course that we may offer.

BeeLeaf reserve the right to remove a delegate from the course at any time if it is evident that the course is unsuitable for that delegate. Under these circumstances a full refund of the course fee will be given.

Cancellation Policy Working Compassionately with Anxiety & Depression 2022

Please READ the following before submitting a booking form.

Application & Enrolment Policy

Group Agreements and Boundaries in Training

Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure

BeeLeaf Privacy Policy

Teaching & Learning

(Subject to Update)

Throughout this course you will gain a theoretical and experiential learning, integrating relational and outcome oriented priorities according to a client’s growing connection to self and environment. You will explore some of the core effective components of diverse therapeutic possibilities, including the helpful and problematic aspects of setting goals, re-opening sensory feedback systems, self-induced states of relaxation and developing autonomous decision making. MIndfulness and Ericksonian approaches will be explored along with other Social & Interpersonal models of psychotherapy.

  • Identify and demystify with the client their inner experience of depression and anxiety.
  • Integrate personalised assessment as relationship-building process
  • Combine supportive assurance with recognition of the client’s self-efficacy.
  • Compassionately understand the inner dynamics of feeling “stuck”, “hopeless” and “unable”.
  • Engage with the socio-political frustrations that drain hope, power and security.
  • Helpfully attend to connected processes such as trauma, compulsion and dependency.
  • Embrace and safely hold processes of breaking down to break through
  • Embrace the wide spectra of human emotion.
  • Utilise past causes to integrate a meaningful narrative and sustainable sense of self.
  • Model how subjective constructs of the past-present-future continuum impact thinking.
  • Connect your empathic observations of the individual with researched neurological patterns.
  • Track and make use of manifestations such as panic attacks, socio-phobia and unrealistic pessimism.
  • Develop crucial skills in facilitating greater relaxation, self-expression, confidence and concentration.
  • Engage the “unconscious mind” to reconcile inner conflicts, paradoxes and self-defeating behaviours.
  • Understand why reflective conversation alone may not be enough to relieve depression and anxiety.
  • Help clients to live life more fully and be at greater peace with themselves and the world.

Teaching & Learning

  • This is an in-person training set at high challenge level within a friendly, safe and supportive environment.
  • The training involves exercises in pairs & small groups, live practical demonstrations & theoretical input.
  • Group size is limited to 16 participants to ensure maximum support for Trainees.
  • Information rich colourful workbook published by BeeLeaf and additional digital resources are included in the course fee.
  • Trainers:  Pamela Gawler-WrightMarie Henderson


No formal assessment. Minimum of 90% course attendance required for Certificate of Attendance of 35 hours of accredited training with BeeLeaf; a UKCP Accredited Organisation.

Entry Requirements

This course is for Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Coaches and all Mental Health Professionals wanting to enrich their current knowledge, understanding and skills in their work with addictions and dependency issues.

You can attend this training as Continuing Professional Development and as a unit of our Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy.

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BeeLeaf Member Rate £570 Pay £150 deposit with booking. Balance of £420 due by 20th June 2022.

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Standard Rate £595 Pay £150 deposit with booking. Balance of £445 due by 20th June 2022.

Apply (£150.00) Working Effectively with Anxiety & Depression (Standard rate £595)

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