BeeLeaf Ethos

BeeLeaf Ethos2017-10-31T17:04:11+00:00
  • Learning, coaching, psychotherapy and facilitation should be formulated to meet the uniqueness of the individual’s needs.
  •  Technical excellence must be integrated with deep structure understanding of the technique if we are to be skillfully flexible.
  •  Real mastery requires that we operate through fundamental principles and values rather than through pattern and procedure alone.
  •  Time to have fun, explore, experiment, question and challenge is required for learning to be truly integrated and valuable.
  •  Integration of skill, knowledge and wisdom requires application to a variety of contexts and situations.
  •  Mastery involves a balance of conscious and unconscious knowledge.
  •  The ability to model a person’s own self-regulating system is vital to work ecologically.
  •  You cannot not influence and organic communication stimulates growth.
  •  A true agent of change changes no one. They create circumstances under which people can respond spontaneously and change themselves.