Experiential + Engaging 2-Day Training

Presented By Pamela Gawler-Wright

Professional training for Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Coaches, Social Workers, Nurses, Teachers, Pastoral Workers and others who work within the caring professions. 

This course was amazing! The approach, construction and delivery was unique, applicable and transformational.

Cherrelle Gayle, Business Psychologist

WHEN 16th & 17th February 2019 PLUS Pre-attendance webinars to watch at your own convenience.

WHERE London E3, well served by public transport. You will be sent full details with your booking confirmation.

WHAT Training involves exercises in pairs & small groups, live practical demonstrations & theoretical input.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of how the independence-interdependence-codependence dynamic impacts all relationships, especially relationships of care and therapeutic alliance.


  • Identify codependence and its consequences
  • Beyond 20th century pathology thinking and “selfishness”
  • Codependence in Attachment, “Addiction”, Family Systems and Cognitive-Somatic Models
  • Differentiating codependence, independence and interdependence
  • The codependency trap in psychotherapy and counselling
  • Personal exploration of relationship triggers and patterns
  • Identify which clients benefit from working on codependence
  • Gaining compassionate rapport with a person who is codependent
  • Understand what helps your client – and what does not help
  • Staged recovery from codependence
  • Moving beyond blame, shame and claim
  • Release compulsive patterns that obstruct emotional healing
  • Restore healthy boundaries in specific trigger contexts
  • Healing the past, making a future, claiming the now
  • Repair of identity, family and relationships
  • Encouraging new experience of sustainable relating
  • Understanding equality in a relationship as different from “the same as”
  • Different needs, quotas and rhythms
  • Why power struggles occur at times of change and no-change
  • A systemic assessment tool to grow compassion, safety and possibility
  • Simple strategies to move beyond Impasse
  • Exploring the dynamics of trigger contexts tracking, dissolving and redirecting micro patterns of conflict
  • Emergency measures that reduce emotional and physical peril during fights
  • How alone-ness can lead the way to genuine intimacy
  • Finding a Voice for un-named feelings and needs
  • Asserting healthy boundaries and personal responsibility

FEE £395 (Payment Terms & Conditions)


  • Series of webinars to enjoy at your own convenience
  • 2 full days of training in London (10am – 5pm) set at high challenge level within a friendly, safe and supportive environment.
  • Group exercises, time to ask questions, live demonstrations.
  • Fully comprehensive workbook.
  • Light Refreshments available throughout the day (lunch not included).
  • Certificate of Attendance from BeeLeaf; a UKCP Accredited Organisation. Minimum of 90% course attendance required.


(Payment Terms & Conditions)

It is hard to say in a few words what I have gained on this training because it is so much more and on many more levels than I expected. But what I can say is that I recommend it 200% to anyone who is looking to feel inspired, motivated and energised about their therapeutic practice.

Verity Lewis, Therapeutic Coach

Pam Gawler-Wright has a fabulous style, is totally present with the group, sharing her knowledge & wisdom with great humour & energy, humility and no ego. It’s a pleasure to train with her & she gently causes wonderful reflections – thank you.

Sally Vanson, Master Coach and Trainer

An amazing training. I highly recommend this to others who want to learn about their own relationships and others.

Jeannie Hardy, Nurse & Trainee Psychotherapist


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