The resources on this page are for BeeLeaf Trainees enrolled on the Clinical Practice and Comparative Psychotherapy Unit.

Clinical Practice Manual Read through this carefully as soon as you enrol: Comparative and Clinical Manual Last Revised 22nd April 2020

Clinical Supervisor Manual Share a copy of this Manual with each of your Clinical Supervisors: Supervisor’s handbook Last Revised January 2020

All of the forms contained within the manual can be downloaded here:

Case Study Template

Clinical Practice Log

Closing of Therapeutic Project

Confirmation of Client Consent

Contract for Supervision

Form For Engaging a New Supervisor Formerly known as Application Form to Upgrade Membership of CCP from Student to Affiliate Membership

Important Client Information

Monitoring-Form-for-Supervision (corrected on 4th September 2020  to ‘3 cases’ instead of the previous 6)

Professional Development Log

Session Record

Supervisor’s Final Report