This page contains the Trainee Handbook, chapters of the manual and additional resources to support your learning on the course. These resources are only for Students enrolled on the Certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy Course 2018/19 and not to be shared without explicit permission of BeeLeaf.

Trainee Handbook 2018/19


Chapters of Manual (updated monthly)

Chapter 1 SPCP 2018

Chapter 2 SPCP 2018

Slides (pdf) module 1 SPCP

Chapter 3 SPCP 2018 (replacement)

Chapter 4 SPCP 2018

Chapter 5 SPCP 2018

Chapter 6 SPCP 2018

Putting Together Your Portfolio and Assessment Criteria

Chapter 7 SPCP 2018

Chapter 8 SPCP 2018

Chapter 9 SPCP 2018

Readings Unit 1

Readings Unit 1 SPCP

Readings Unit 2

Readings Unit 2 SPCP

Readings Unit 3

Readings Unit 3 SPCP

Other Modality Sources for Contemporary Psychotherapy

Other Modality Sources for CP

Additional Resources

Introduction to Contemporary Psychotherapy

Meta Model Summary Table

Vulnerability and Authenticity







Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (added 27th November 2018)

Parts Internal Family Systems Worksheets and Case (added 12th December 2018)

Modern Eclectic Therapy (added January 2019)

For your further interest on how we distort, delete and generalize here are some amazing short clips that you can watch on Youtube. You will never doubt how we change and limit our perception of the world again!

Unit 2

Unit 3