Contemporary Psychotherapy is a Pluralistic Outcome Oriented approach that organically facilitates recovery, growth and healing.

Meeting current needs within today’s 

Contemporary Psychotherapy develops and aligns to best serve the most pressing needs of society and individual.

Attending to the full life path of the 

Contemporary Psychotherapy focuses not just on causation, but especially on the immediate needs of the client and their short and long term well-being, concerning the client’s management of their condition or situation, recovery and personal development, for now and in the manageable future.

Adapting and responding to the process of the individual

A psychotherapy that is flexibly responding “with time” observes that people and their conditions are never static but in constant process.
The Contemporary Psychotherapist is trained in the practical skills of cognitive, linguistic and behavioural modeling, as offered through the work of Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier in Systemic Neuro-Linguistics, to enable them to be accurately adaptable to the unique experience and functioning patterns of the client.

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