BeeLeaf Enrolment Policy


Enrolment forms the basis for a legal contract between the student and BeeLeaf Institute. In order to become a student you will need to enrol. Submission of an application form and /or payment does not constitute a booking. Bookings are not confirmed until we send you a confirmation of booking / enrolment.

Enrolment is the process through which you:

  • Agree to be a student at BeeLeaf Institute;
  • Indicate your agreement to abide by the Institute’s Codes of Ethics, regulations, policies & procedures unless otherwise specified;
  • Indicate your agreement to pay all relevant fees;
  • Agree to be placed on the BeeLeaf Register; Community for Contemporary Psychotherapy (CCP) unless otherwise specified;



A student’s enrolment constitutes acceptance of the financial liabilities of the unit of training they are undertaking. This is the case even when the student is sponsored, i.e. the student retains the liability for fees when a third party is expected to meet the costs. The student accepts that their enrolment and continued participation on a course is dependent on payment of the relevant fees in full. A certificate can only be awarded when full payment has been received.


The BeeLeaf Diploma/Advanced Diploma pathway is designed to be both flexible and progressive in stages appropriate to each trainee’s existing training and experience, their practical considerations and ongoing achievements. However, this aim of supportive flexibility shall not be used to compromise our standards and duty of care towards trainees and members of the public.

Acceptance onto one unit of training does not imply automatic acceptance onto other units of training. The following requirements must also be met.

  • Assessments for a training on which a student is currently enrolled need to be successfully engaged with and completed for suitability to advance to other units of training.
  • Some later units of training, such as Clinical Practice and Comparative Psychotherapy, require participation in an induction tutorial prior to enrolment. This is to prepare you to work within professional protocols and stage appropriate limits of practice. Successful participation in this induction includes a willingness to engage in review of areas of challenge.

All applicants must meet the above requirements before the enrolment process is completed. BeeLeaf Institute reserves the right to not accept a person for a unit of training for which they are considered to not be currently suitable.