Are you, or are you training to be a Qualified and Registered Psychotherapist,
Counsellor or Coach?

 Are you interested in what the psychotherapeutic application of hypnosis really is?

 Do you want to learn how to ethically and congruently offer your clients the benefits of clinical hypnosis within your existing practice?

Many Psychotherapists and Counsellors are wary of making the most of their client’s ability to draw on their own deeper inner process that occurs in naturally occurring states of altered awareness and enhanced relaxation. This caution is understandable given how showmen and some “hypnotists” have misrepresented the use of hypnosis with authoritarian misapplications that are directly in conflict with the therapeutic endeavor. However, the developed psychotherapist or counsellor’s ability to recognise and enhance a client’s use of their changing states of consciousness and emotion can be central to the client’s beneficial process.

  • Find out what the psychotherapeutic application of clinical “hypnosis” really is
  • Add the essential knowledge and skills in the use of client-lead hypnosis to enhance your client’s innate healing and creative resources
  • Learn how to ethically and congruently integrate these natural client strengths into your existing practice

Two Levels of Achievement – Certificate or Diploma

CERTIFICATE 10 Days of Experiential Training, over 5 weekends from October 2019 to March 2020

DIPLOMA 10 Days of Experiential Training, over 5 weekends from October 2019 to March 2020
PLUS other specific training with BeeLeaf (see entry requirements for more details)

INCLUDES Reading, viewing and practical exercises between training attendance
ongoing and final assessment including prepared practical demonstration, audio and fun, entrancing technical exercises

  • Where

    London E3 Nearest tube Mile End 5 mins walk



    5 weekends (Sat/Sun) 10am – 5pm

    26th & 27th October 2019
    7th & 8th December 2019
    18th & 19th January 2020
    15th & 16th February 2020
    28th & 29th March 2020

    How Much

    STANDARD £1,450 Deposit £350 with application followed by 5 monthly instalments of £220

    DISCOUNTED UPFRONT FEE  £1,200 when you submit full payment with application

    Are you BeeLeaf Member? Contact us for a £50 Discount Code that can be applied to the Standard and Discounted Fee.

    Submission of an application form and /or payment does not constitute a booking. Bookings are not confirmed until we send you a confirmation of booking / enrolment.

    What’s Included

    • 10 full days experiential face-to-face training with limited group size.
    • Engaging articles, video links and practical materials to enrich your learning and confident practice.
    • Group exercises, time to ask questions, live demonstrations.
    • Fully comprehensive colourful printed PLUS digital version of workbook published by BeeLeaf.
    • Light Refreshments available throughout the day (lunch not included)
    • Ongoing and final assessment.
    • Award of Certificate or Diploma upon successful completion of ongoing and final assessments on the course. Minimum of 90% course attendance required.

    Terms & Conditions


  • Course Aims

    In a safe, creative and client-centered approach we will help demystify this ancient and most natural of healing applications so that you can seamlessly and ethically bring this dimension to your existing or developing practice.

    • Learn how “hypnosis” is not done to a person, but empowers them to have greater autonomous options in using the natural functions of the human mind
    • Discover how your practice already probably engages the client in altered states of awareness that can be validated and enhanced for deeper, safer, more creative process
    • Release your skills to a greater scope of possibility in helping your client activate their own natural healing resources to recover and grow
    • Achieve competencies in more naturalistic facilitation of the client working through trauma, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem
    • Utilise altered state so that the client can harness internally motivated changes in self-defeating behaviours that are not subject to change through analysis alone


    • Competencies in Assessment, Suitability and Limits for the use of Clinical Hypnosis in Psychotherapy and Counselling
    • Integration of ancient and modern theories and concepts plus learning from historic misconceptions and misuses of “hypnosis”
    • Integrate use of clinical hypnosis within psychodynamic, existential, humanistic, cognitive-behavioural and systemic practice
    • Unveil and delight in the dynamic relationship between language patterns and our emotional and physiological patterning
    • Understand the fundamental differences between “authoritarian” models of hypnosis and naturalistic, client-driven use of altered states
    • Improve confidence and ability in holding a client through their deeper emotional process and sensitive inner re-organisation
    • Gain exquisite skills in observation and utilisation of non-verbal signals and ideo-motor responses
    • Delight in the playful and creative curative power of stories, metaphors and imaginative journeys
    • Discover effective and safer access and healing of past experiences and residual trauma
    • Integrate theory and practice from a diversity of cultures including Buddhist Psychology and First Nation wisdom
    • Demystify post-hypnotic suggestion as a client-owned, new behaviour generating function of the human learning system
    • Deconstruct the purpose and ethic of “resistance” and discover a whole new level of co-created alliance between therapist and client


    Ongoing plus the final weekend will be a prepared practical assessment and sharing of short written application of skills.


    Pamela Gawler-Wright

    • You must already be in clinically supervised psychotherapy or counselling practice (you will be asked to declare this on your application).
    • You must be a holder of or working towards completion of an appropriate psychotherapy or counselling certification recognised by BACP, UKCP, BPS, NCS that is a minimum of 2 years in length (you will be asked to provide the title of your qualification, name of training provider and their recognising body on your application).
    • You must already have registration/membership with a recognised Psychotherapy or Counselling Register and adhere to their ethical framework (you will be asked to provide the name of your Registering Body and your level of Membership on your application).

    To be eligible for award of Diploma you must have completed the BeeLeaf Certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy (formerly BeeLeaf Foundation Certificate in Contemporary Psychotherapy) PLUS Ethics, Psychopathology, Human Development & Sexuality.

    See our Enrolment Policy


    Pamela Gawler-Wright

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Applied Clinical Hypnosis in Contemporary Psychotherapy Discounted Upfront Fee £1200

Apply (£1,200.00) Applied Clinical Hypnosis in Contemporary Psychotherapy Discounted Upfront Fee £1200

Applied Clinical Hypnosis in Contemporary Psychotherapy Standard Fee £1,450 Pay deposit of £350 now with application followed by 5 monthly instalments of £22o

Apply (£350.00) Applied Clinical Hypnosis in Contemporary Psychotherapy Standard Fee £1,450 (pay £350 now)

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