STARTS 21st and 22nd  January 2023

Booking deadline 7th January 2023 subject to availability of places

This 12 month unit fulfills the training requirement in research methods and practice for UKCP Registration. It can be used towards UKCP Accreditation with BeeLeaf when completed as part of the BeeLeaf Advanced Diploma.

This is an interactive and participative training that aims to provide psychotherapy practitioners and practicing psychotherapy students with an understanding of the core knowledge and skills often utilised in psychotherapy research. Particular focus will be given to academically rigorous models of case study as a scientific method of research and students will be guided to produce an extended case study dissertation and academic poster for presentation at the end of this course.

Where, when, how much?

Where & When

Zoom Online and Distance Study

Starts 21st & 22nd January 2023

From the the first weekend of training to presentation of final dissertation this unit takes 12 months to complete.

How Much 

STANDARD £1,900 Pay £400 deposit at time of booking followed by 12 monthly instalments of £125 from 1st February 2023 – 1st January 2024.

DISCOUNT £1,700 Make full payment with booking and SAVE £200

Submission of an application form and /or payment does not constitute a booking. Bookings are not confirmed until we send you a confirmation of booking / enrolment.

What’s Included

  • 2 days of training by Zoom
  • Extensive course materials
  • 9 hours of online learning activities and live online teaching & discussion
  • 6 hours individual Supervision
  • Feedback and guidance on written submissions and Poster
  • Assessment and feedback on final case study dissertation
  • Presentation Evening to BeeLeaf Peers

Membership of BeeLeaf Register (CCP) NOT included

Payment Methods

We accept payment by Paypal, MasterCard, Visa (debit and credit cards) and Paypal. If paying by monthly instalments you will be expected to setup a Standing Order with your bank.



Teaching & Learning

The following may be subject to update for 2023

2-Day Training Live by Zoom 

Over one weekend we will consider research as epistemology and examine what persuades us to accept something as fact. You will look at research papers as a form of structured argument and explore case studies as the basic unit of research in psychotherapy.
You will learn about the basic elements of a case study including methods, measures and methodologies. You will be provided with details of the key requirements for your dissertation submission, and a practical introduction to tools and techniques which can help you with your research project.

Synchronous Online Learning

Over the first 6 months of the course students will participate in online learning and peer supervision activities using web conferencing software. You will be expected to spend approximately  90 minutes on these activities each month. At the end of the course you will be required to show what you have learned about methods and issues in psychotherapy research by creating and presenting an A1-size research poster on the topic How Do We Know What Works?

Extended Case Study Research

Following the first weekend of training you will begin working on your own case study dissertation. To support you in this process you will be required to make 3 written submissions, each of 2,000-3,000 words in length, for feedback and guidance. The last two submissions can then be incorporated within the final dissertation and be a portion of the final word count of 18,000 words. The submissions are:

  • Submission 1 – Research proposal
  • Submission 2 – Literature Review or Methodology
  • Submission 3 – Methodology or Literature Review

Dissertation Supervision

You will be assigned a Dissertation Supervisor. You will be allocated a total of 6 hours’ supervision that may take place over the second part of the course. Supervision meetings may take place face-to-face or by some other suitable means agreed with the Supervisor such as telephone, email or Skype. (If you wish for your supervisor to travel to you and they are willing to do so, additional travel and/or accommodation costs must be met by you.) These meetings can be used for defining suitable methodology, dealing with barriers and obstacles during the process and for the final writing of the dissertation.


Mike Shallcross and Sarah Venis


Attendees are expected to successfully complete all components of this Unit in order to pass the course.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must be in clinical practice and be signed up to a code of Ethics with a register such as that provided by BeeLeaf. Applicants must also read and agree to the Terms & Conditions HERE.  Applicants must already have demonstrated through their course assessments with their current/previous psychotherapy training providers the ability to study and complete written work of post-graduate standard. All applicants who are not currently enrolled on the BeeLeaf Advanced Diploma will be required to provide further information on the above by email following submission of an application form.


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